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Increase Sales and Slash Marketing Spend with 4 Walls Marketing
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Tom Feltenstein’s Power Marketing Academy is Now Online.

If you are ready to fatten per unit sales, show record profits and grow the real value of your business, this is one opportunity you can not miss.

The Power Marketing Academy is Your Portal to 4 Walls Branding and Neighborhood Marketing Know-How. Become a Charter Member and receive instant access to a constantly growing library of invaluable marketing strategies and tactics proven to drive increased revenue for your restaurant, store or business.

Tom Feltenstein’s Power Marketing Academy is Where the Marketing Pros Go When they Need to Sharpen their Skills.


Tom’s 4 Walls Branding and Neighborhood Marketing Strategies Have Been Tested and Proven by 1000s of Businesses Ranging from Mom and Pops to the Biggest Brands in the World.


“His hands-on, how-to information is an invaluable resource that eliminates the need for any mass-media advertising. I highly recommend this if you’re serious about growing your company.” – Ed Rensi, Former President/CEO, McDonald’s USA

These Amazingly Profitable and Simple-to-Implement Strategies and Resources Are Now Available to You!

4 Walls Branding

Of all the weapons in your marketing arsenal, none is more powerful than the 4 walls of your business. After all, where else do you have a captive audience of your most sought-after prospects?

While it’s important to attract new customers, the least expensive and most effective strategy you can employ is to convince people who visit you to return again and again.

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Neighborhood Marketing

Ray Kroc gave us religion – What religion you ask? Neighborhood Marketing! He showed us what can happen when you gain control of the neighborhood – the place where the battle is won or lost.

It’s all about local marketing. When you see your business as part of a local business community and take advantage of the comings and goings, you can insert yourself into the flow.

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Strategy & Tactics Library

The strategies and tactics of Tom Feltenstein’s 4 Walls Branding and Neighborhood Marketing have been collected into one stunning online resource – The Power Marketing Academy Portal. Constantly growing in size and value, it’s chock full of killer content.

In it you will find powerful marketing tips that really work and proven best practices for your business.

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Join Today and Immediately Apply These Power Marketing Tactics to Your Store, Restaurant or Business.
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You will receive instant access to the ever-growing Power Marketing Academy Portal.

What You Will Receive in Your Power Marketing Academy Membership
  • 4 Walls Branding content that is packed with step by step tactics, strategies and techniques to grow revenue.

  • Neighborhood Marketing content that is easy to implement and specifically selected to help you attract new customers, increase the frequency of visits and boost ticket size.

  • Regular injections of valuable additional content gleaned from a lifetime of marketing neighborhood businesses.

  • Downloadable checklists and worksheets that you can print and immediately put to use.

  • The thrilling content is in multiple formats including text, audio and video.

  • A valuable companion series of email messages will accompany your membership to help you make the most of your membership.

  • You will receive access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect with other members of the Power Marketing Academy.

Extra Bonus Materials You Will Receive for Joining Now
  • Special Video: The Service Revolution. $99 Value. Tom interviews a panel of top executives from Ritz Carlton, FedEx, Disney, Southwest Airlines and other leading companies about creating customer hospitality.

  • Special Video: Skyrocket Your Sales with Neighborhood Marketing. $59 Value. This recording of a live event clearly explains the core principles of Neighborhood Marketing.

  • Special Video: 45 Killer Promotional Tactics. $59 Value. In this classic recording, Tom how, what, and where each tactic can be implemented to provide instant impact.

  • Special Report: The 35 Principles of Underdog Marketing: Proven Strategies for Out-Marketing the Big Guns! $27 Value. This inspiring report will show you how you can (not why you can’t) win the war against bigger companies with bigger ad budgets.

  • Special Report: Power Marketing Secrets of the Masters. $499 Value. This 100 page report provides 10 case studies of major brands that use 4 Walls and Neighborhood Marketing to deliver phenomenal Market Performance.

Join at Our Charter Membership Rate of Only $29/Month.

Charter Members Get All the Benefits of the Power Marketing Academy at a Cost of Less than 96 Cents a Day!

This is a Time-limited Invitation to Lock in Your Charter Membership Rate at No Risk to You (Pay As You Go and You May Quit at Any Time).

You will receive instant access to the Power Marketing Academy, the constantly growing portal of 4 Walls Branding and Neighborhood Marketing resources.

Important Company News
Please watch this video for an important update. New Chairman Sophie Feltenstein agrees to wear a Doggie Cam on her 4 Walls Walk-throughs.
What People Are Saying About Tom Feltenstein

Take a look at these endorsements for the value that Tom, the modern father of 4 Walls Branding and Neighborhood Marketing, continues to bring to today’s companies.

If there’s anyone who knows the strategies and tactics of successful marketing, it’s Tom Feltenstein. His ability to cut through the chaff and get to the core of business issues is par excellence. Tom puts solid gold marketing and promotional ideas into an outstanding marketing resource. Anyone, in any business, can take away dozens of money making ideas and still have leftovers. It’s truly a must for anyone, especially those with limited budgets, who sincerely want to market better, promote better and make a difference in their community.
Don DeBolt, President International Franchise Association
Most marketers are too stuck and too scared to do stuff that really and truly works. If you’re willing to get off your couch and make something happen, this is the first place to start.
Seth Godin, Best Selling Author and Marketing Guru
I first met Tom when I had him on my television show, Larry King Live, discussing Uncommon Wisdom. This is a book I keep by me a lot. I can turn to any page and get a lot out of it.
Larry King, Television Host
Tom Feltenstein’s latest is a must read for business owners who want to increase sales and profits inside their four walls and in their immediate trading areas. His hands-on, how-to information is an invaluable resource that eliminates the need for any mass media advertising. I highly recommend this if you’re serious about growing your company.
Ed Rensi, Retired President/CEO McDonald’s Corporation USA and Former COO, McDonald’s Worldwide
Tom Feltenstein is either completely, stupendously, stunningly wrong, or he is a stone genius whose counter intuitive insights will transform the marketing business. I’m betting on the latter.Read this and you’ll likely come to the same conclusion.
Tucker Carlson, CNN’s Crossfire
Your program received excellent reviews. There were very positive comments. I appreciate your commitment to education and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you.
James T. Davidson, American Hotel & Motel Association
“I Don’t Teach From Distant Memory or Ancient Glory” – Tom Feltenstein
Here are Just Some of Tom’s Very Recent Clients for 4 Walls Branding and Neighborhood Marketing Services

If You Only Read One Thing on this Page, Let It Be This Final Word from Tom.

“Everything you need to grow your sales, to make your business a leader in your category and your community, you already have. The only market you need to tap is the one that is within a 10 minute drive of your front door and inside your own four walls.”  by Tom Feltenstein in his 2013 book – Marketing: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

I Urge You to Join the Power Marketing Academy. But Whether You Do or Not, Know that You Hold the Power and Have the Ability to Use Your 4 Walls to Dominate Your Neighborhood through Your Marketing. Good Luck and God Bless. – Tom Feltenstein


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